AY 2018 kickoff meeting

Welcome back, everyone!

The first AIM Analytics session is consist of an introduction to events that will happen in this academic year, series of micro talks, and a community discussion. The detailed agenda is below:
  • Intro to series
  • Introducing our new reading/hacking group
    • ASSISTments Data Mining Competition
  • Micro talks
    • Benjamin Koester: Measuring Effects and outcomes of Learning Communities at UMich
    • Rohail Syed: Retrieval Algorithms Optimized for Human Learning
    • Josh Gardner: Building, Evaluating, and Replicating MOOC Dropout Models
    • Phoebe Liang: Best Answer Prediction in MOOC Discussion Forums 
    • Heeryung Choi: Understanding diversity attributes in students : From learner diversity to different opinions
    • Nia Dowell: A temporal lens: Understanding changes of MOOC learners
    • Carl Haynes: How am I doing? : Student-Facing Performance Dashboards in Higher Education
    • Rebecca Quintana:  Visualizing course structure: Just bead it!
  • Socialization and discussion

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