Accessing Educational Datasets at Michigan – Slides from the panel discussion

Panel: Accessing educational datasets at Michigan: privacy, policy, security, legal, and ethical considerations and responsibilities.

Join us on November 7th at 12 p.m. in the Hatcher Gallery Lab for a panel and Q&A with Maya Kobersy (U-M Associate General Counsel),  Sol Bermann (University Privacy Officer), Cindy Shindledecker (IRB Director) and Mike Daniel (Director of Policy for Academic Innovation) to understand how to access and responsibly use educational data at the University of Michigan. Suitable for all faculty, postdocs, researchers and students who are looking to use educational data, this panel will provide insight into the “how,” “who” and “why” of educational data at U-M and plenty of time will be left to ask questions of these experts. A light lunch is provided.

Questions covered include:

1) How does an exemption determination from the Internal Review Board (IRB) for research involving “normal educational practices” differ from a standard IRB approval?

2) What does Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) mean to the researcher, and how does the research ensure their work complies with U-M FERPA requirements?

3) Who are the data stewards, and how do you find the right person to ask for educational data?

4) What are best practices for de-identifying data? What is the difference between de-identifying data and anonymizing data?

5) What privacy and ethical considerations and best practices should I be thinking about?

6) What data security practices do I need to follow and/or should I consider?

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